Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Is No One Interested In Posting?

Over three months ago, I set up this blog. Yet no one has contacted me to put anything on it-except a non-family scum. If there is no interest, then I will take it down and use the MB's for other blogs as it takes away from my blogging allotment.

One more month and away it goes.......

Ron and his bud Artie---dethatching the lawn. It looks so much better now. Other than the apples falling from the newly trimmed tree (background-pre trim).

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Welcome Family!

I have started this blog for anyone in the family to add photos, updates, funnies and other pieces of our lives. I hope this is a good way to keep on top of what is happening in our busy journeys. Too often we get messages long after the fact-like weddings, graduations, births and other events.

I will be the blog mom and all the comments will be "moderated" to make sure there is no spam or other nasty stuff to get thru. I will also approve all the family members, so make sure you confirm your family identity when you email me for the add to blog here. The email to contact me at for this blog only is

If you want to be a writer on this blog, be sure to email me so I can add you onto the list. All family members are welcome, even the younger ones (mom or dad, you might want to help them get started). I have 100 spots to fill!

Remember only G rated items will be allowed. There will be family members under 18 and this must be a safe place for them too. I will post the first photos-meet Marley and Jackson-two of my fur children.

Jan- the blog mom

Marley-the normal one.

Jackson-the devil's spawn!